Berdick is Uruguayan company founded in 2008 that processes and commercializes casings.

Employs directly 200 people and owns a processing plant in Uruguay “Establishment Plant Nº 4” which is approved to export to most demanding markets (including countries from EU, USA, Canada, and Russia).

At Berdick plant is where the process of calibration, salting and storage of salted casings is made with 60 employees. The plant has an area 4 hectares with 3.000 square meters (32.292 square feet) built and a processing capacity of 5.000 bovine casings per day.

Berdick also operates at 8 different slaughter houses (all approved to same demanding markets) managing 140 people to produce the first steps of the casings process (pick up, followed by the separation of intestines, emptying, draining, defatting and subsequent desliming).